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AttyLytics is the content management and website hosting platform that enables your law firm to make a great impression on prospective clients. In addition, it is easy to manage and update which means you can share the information, images, and videos easily with prospective and current clients.

In addition, to managing the content for your site, AttyLytics is creating a special directory that will allow your protective clients to find your firm LawFirmInfo.net once it is rolled out later this year. This is a website designed to target YOUR prospective clients and encourage them to search the directory whenever they are seeking legal counsel.

If your firm needs to upgrade its website, look no further than AttyLytics. However, if you already have a website and just want to help get extra exposure, claim your listing so that people searching can be easily redirected to your existing website.

VetLaw's Story

Meet Brendan Garcia, the founder and Managing Member of VetLaw. VetLaw had an outdated website that was built on WordPress years ago and it was never really updated. In addition, he was in the process of having another company develop his new site after he took professional photos for the website.

The problem was the group developing VetLaw's new website was a company that just builds websites but does not understand how the users will be interacting with it. After a number of frustrating conversations with his website developer, he realized that they were not going to deliver the look and feel he was hoping for when launching the new Vet.Law website.

Following a FREE consultation and analysis of both sites, the AttyLytics team built Brendan a custom HTML website that utilized the various third party plugins he wanted to help engage prospective clients.

When asked what he thought about his new site, his response was straightforward and rewarding to our team. He simply said,

"It's great. To be honest, it is a lot better than I imagined it would be. Thank you!"

Key AttyLytics Features

Below are just some of the key features provided to your law firm through the AttyLytics platform. If you would like to learn more, then please click here to schedule a FREE consultation. Unlike other "drag-and-drop" or do-it-yourself platforms, AttyLytics offers 100% customization with the ability to determine what parts of the page are full width and which have restrictive widths.


The AttyLytics Dashboard provides you with basic statistics related to how many people have visited your website. In addition, it can drill down to the number of views for each page and will even let you know how many people clicked on links to contact by email or to call your office.

To take your statistics to another level, all you have to do is provide your Google Analytics UA code using the cooresponding link in the dashboard. It will then apply the necessary header code to all pages of your website automatically so you can track more detailed statistics through your Google Analytics account.

SSL Certificate

Contact Icons

Law firms are continually the perceived as a high class profession. Accordingly, when someone visits your website, the last thing you want is for there to be a message that says "Not Secure" or the "!" point showing which indicates the site is not secure.  When your domain uses https:// instead of http:// it lets your users know that your website is secure. ALL AttyLytics accounts come with a SSL Certificate for their website. (Please note this applies to any account for which AttyLytics hosts the website.) This is extremely important if you are wanting to request sensitive information via the customizable contact form. It also allows for you to embed secure forms and widgets from other platforms.

Mobile-Friendly Designs

Mobile Friendly

Originally built as a platform to help provide a mobile only redirect option for firm websites, AttyLytics is now a responsive click-to-add website builder that allows you to easily edit the design for small and large screens. This enables you to completely customize the look and adjust individual details relating to margins, padding, background colors, radius of corners, font sizes, and much more for EVERY widget used in the website. Through this process you are able to make sure the look and feel of your website meets your expectations.

One-Click Contact Buttons

Contact Icons

Regardless of what type of device people are using, you want to make sure that getting in touch with you is EASY. Accordingly, you add one-click buttons and links throughout your website to make sure people can either call, text, or e-mail you anytime. You can also integrate with third party platforms like we did to provide a "Contact Us" scheduler widget. These additions can efficiently be added by simply copying the embed code from the provider and pasting it into a Custom HTML widget. Most third-party platforms are easy to use and provide you with a SECURE embed code that can be placed on your website.

Contact Forms

Contact forms are an important part of most websites. The MBizSite Form Widget allows you to embed in a contact form with a variety of field options. These forms can then be integrated with over 500 cloud-based applications including CRMs (customer relationship management systems), e-mail marketing platforms, and SMS (text message) marketing platforms. If you need more advanced forms that allow for workflow processes or conditionals, we recommend utilizing a third-party form builder. The two third-party form builders that we recommend are Docsmore and Jotform. Docsmore is designed if you are wanting to convert a paper form into an online form allowing a nicely designed PDF output upon successful completion of the form. Jotform is more of a database form where your main interest is just in capturing the information.

Social Media Integrations

As various social media platforms are either growing or being developed, it is important to make sure that your follows can easily connect, friend, or like you online. Accordingly we have a number of ways this can be done on your website. The first is through the Social Bar which allows you to place a link to each social media profile your organization has. You can also use Social Buzz to get them to directly like your Facebook page from your website or easily share your website with others using E-mail or Twitter. Finally, you can utilize the Custom HTML widget to embed any code provided by the corresponding social media platform directly into your website. If you want a really neat way of embedding social media profiles, a plugin from Powr can be used integrate up to 10 profiles into one easy to view widget.

Custom HTML Code

This feature is only available in the "Website Package". As mentioned above, the SSL Certificate allows your website to be viewed as a secure site. Accordingly, this allows your website to create a structure in which the user does NOT need to leave your site to access more information. Custom script and iFrame codes can be easily embed into your site. This means that you can provide your clients with access to features that other platforms usually require your website to just create a link to an external platform. Once major example is the ability to accept payments THROUGH your website as opposed to through an external link which takes people from your website. In addition to payment methods, you can embed forms, documents, videos, and much more.

Geo-Location & Maps

If your organization has a physical location, then it is extremely important that people know HOW to find it. With the Google Maps integration, you simply add a Map Widget to your website and complete the address information. When visitors click on your map, they will be redirected to Google Maps and the ability to get directions from their current location. As an added bonus, if you have multiple locations, you will love the Geo-Location Widget. This allows you to set up each location separately and embed in 1 map. You can have the map show the closest location or all the locations. This type of technology is used by many of the national chains on their apps and websites.

Frequently Asked Questions

We know that you are going to have questions. While we encourage you to contact us, we know that you have some questions that you might want to have answers to prior to gettings started. Below are the most common questions we receive regarding the AttyLytics platfom.

Can I create and edit my own site?

Yes! While we know that our team can build your website and manage it more efficiently due to the learning curve and the amount of time we have used the platform since its development, we made sure that the AttyLytics platform would allow for users to easily make updates, create new pages, and even take on the intitial build of the website.

What kind of support do you provide?

We provide our clients with support videos and a knowledgebase that includes articles on how to add and customize content on their website. In addition, we are available by email and respond to all requests in a timely manner. Once the ticket is submitted, an email will be sent with instructions or a member of our team will set up a time to discuss your issue on the phone or through an online meeting.

Please note that support is designed for guidance and for reporting of bugs in the system. If you need someone to actually make updates to your website then it is recommended that you contact us to learn more about our invoiced support.

Do I have to manage plugins and templates?

NO! Unlike WordPress or other platforms where you start with a template and then have to find "plugins" to work within your site, there is nothing for you to have to manage and update. When we make updates to the platform they will automatically be applied to your dashboard and website as well. Therefore, your site does not run the risk of becoming quickly outdated which can cause your site to be unable to update when not managed correctly.

Can I save versions of each webpage?

Yes. Once you have your page the way you want it for initial use, it is recommended that you click on the link at the bottom of the editor to save that version of the page. Like with some document management systems that save multiple versions of a document, you can save multiple versions of each page on your website. This allows you to make special updates and then easily convert back to a previous version at any time.

Do WordPress plugins work on AttyLytics?

Unfortunately, the answer is no. While we recognize that there are some really cool plugins designed for WordPress, the only third-party plugins you can add to AttyLytics are ones that provide you with custom HTML code that can be added to your website. There are, however, a number of really cool plugins that can be added to your site. A third-party plugin creator that we like is Powr Plugins.  We are more than happy to provide you with some ideas and show you how to use these features.

Why AttyLytics over WordPress?

While WordPress was designed as a "user-friendly" platform when it was released, it has become more complex over the years which means it is more difficult and time consuming to update. In addition, to it being more complex to manage, there are a growing number of "hacks" on WordPress sites. Due to its popularity for all kinds of organizations, there are people who like to try and hack websites to "infect" them with a virus that can cause a wide range of issues for you and your clients.

Do I have to sign a contract?

No! Please note that all hosting is managed on an annual basis which means that you can elect to cancel your subscription anytime PRIOR to your next billing date. We do provide a 30-day money-back guarantee for your first year of service. After the initial thirty days, you mush cancel your subscription prior to your next bill date if you do not want to be charged for the hosting. Please note that regardless of when you cancel your account, your information will be retained and accessible by you until your 12-month cycle is complete.

Do I own my content?

Yes. While Firm Transitions helps you manage your account, it retains no ownership over any of the content you provide and use on your website. Please note that any stock photos downloaded on behalf of your law firm could still be used by other law firms. However, you are free to take any of the content anytime and use in your other marketing efforts.

Should you elect to no longer use AttyLytics for your website provider, you may download the code for your website but please note that not all features will work if you spin it up directly as downloaded since some of the widgets access other platform servers and only paid accounts can access that information for use on their website. The download will allow you to easily pull all of the text, color schemes, etc.

Do I own my domain name?

Yes! Many of our clients already have their own domain name before using AttyLytics. You may continue to pay your annual domain subscription to your current provider and manage your domain or you can transfer your domain to our account. If transfered to us, we will manage it for you and do so at NO additional charge. The value of this to you is you can save your domain fee when we manage it. The value to us is it makes things easier for us to assist you when we can quickly access your domain.

Whether you continue to manage your domain, transfer it to us, or have us purchase a domain for you, we retain NO rights to your domain and you may transfer away at no additional charge when you cancel your account. Firm Transitions, LLC does have the right to hold your domain if you fail to pay your invoices.

Do I need a separate web host?

No. One of the benefits of AttyLytics state-of-the-art platform is that your website is hosted for you so that it functions properly.

Get Started Today!

Whether you want to just be included in our Law Firm Info Directory or want AttyLytics to build your full website, it is important you get started today. Simply review the options below and select the one that works best for you. You are able to upgrade or downgrade at anytime. Please note that when you downgrade, it will be activated at the end of your 12-month cycle. An upgrade can be made anytime and will be effective immediately. If, for example, you start with the Advertiser Package and then elect to upgrade to the website package, you will only pay the difference for your remaining months of the current 12-month cycle. You will then be converted to the corresponding annual subscription.

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